Neil deGrasse Tyson is thrilled that Americans came together to witness the total eclipse of the sun this month. But one aspect of the sweeping excitement stands out to him.

“Well, I just thought, there’s everyone organizing their lives around attending and viewing one of nature’s great spectacles, and I don’t see people protesting it,” the astrophysicist said during an interview with Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show.”

“I don’t see people objecting to it. I don’t see people in denial of it. Yet methods and tools of science predict it. So when methods and tools of science predict other things, to have people turn around and say ’I deny what you say,’ there’s something wrong in our world when that happens.”

His reference to climate change deniers who dispute conclusive science about the causes and effects of global warming reinforce his observation on Twitter earlier this month.

The astrophysicist echoed the same sentiment last week as the devastating Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas.